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Public vs Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing continues to make market inroads: Public clouds are ubiquitous and the market for multicloud and hybrid solutions is on track to grow billions over the next several years. However adopting a “one size fits all” approach to cloud can result in frustrations and cost overruns. The overlapping nature of public, hosted private and…
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Hosting A Law Firm Web Site – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Your firm might have spent precious time crafting the perfect bios and selecting the ideal photographs for its new website. You may have exhausted hours researching the professional rules of conduct to construct each sentence beyond reproach. But before all that money and time can benefit you and before your law firm’s beautifully designed and…
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Legal Firms; Is Your Domain Truly Safe?

You can’t seem to go through a single workweek without hearing about a new spear phishing attack. These attacks are becoming more prevalent and unfortunately, law firms are often prime targets. This is because firms protect confidential information. Domain spoofing appears to be the latest of this trend. Domain Spoofing Cybercriminals are targeting firms with…
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Legal Firms Are Prime Targets For Cybercriminals – Here’s Why

Nothing sends a chill up a person’s spine more than thinking of having their personal information stolen. Legal firms serve every industry and size of client possible which puts them at incredibly high risk for cybercrime. Recently, hackers have been stepping up their efforts to break into the networks of law firms in the U.S.…
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Should My Legal Practice Move IT Operations To The Cloud?

Legal IT Professionals’ online survey of its readership presented a split decision on whether key technology functions should become Internet-based–a process commonly known as moving to the cloud. The online news publication covering international legal information technology asked readers: “If your law firm’s management asked for your advice regarding moving key applications to the cloud,…
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Do You Have A Business Continuity Plan In place?

In our 24/7 business environment, customers expect (and often demand) 100% uptime. That means no interruption in production, delivery, or service, come hell or high water. Do you have a business continuity plan in place to prevent core production downtime in the event of a crisis? Have you found a trustworthy partner to help you…
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What Is A Back-Up Recovery Plan?

According to National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-34, Contingency Planning for Information Technology Systems, the following summarizes the ideal structure for an IT disaster recovery plan: Develop the contingency planning policy statement. A formal policy provides the authority and guidance necessary to develop an effective contingency plan. Conduct the business impact…
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Disaster Recovery and Why it Matters to California Businesses

When you mention the term ‘disaster recovery,’ most people think about the big ground-shattering events like earthquakes, fires, floods, tropical storms, etc. While these natural events are certainly disasters and devastating in their own right, smaller things can constitute as a disaster for your business, and they aren’t seasonal. Let’s look at the definition of…
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Law Firms Can Increase Efficiency With IT Managed Services

Law firms have to become masters of balancing acts in today’s industry. Clients want more, they want to pay less, and they want it now. If one firm is unwilling to accomplish each, or it does not have the tools to do so, the client will seek services elsewhere. The client is in control, and…
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Are You Ensuring Patient Data Is Safe At Your Dental Practice?

A vital part of operating a successful dental practice is ensuring that all patient health records are protected and stored safely. With today’s technology, patient information can now be filed electronically, allowing for easy and efficient access to dental records. While it is a cinch to access and update patient information this way, it can…
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