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Law Firms Can Increase Efficiency With IT Managed Services

Law Firms Can Increase Efficiency With IT Managed Services

Law firms have to become masters of balancing acts in today’s industry. Clients want more, they want to pay less, and they want it now. If one firm is unwilling to accomplish each, or it does not have the tools to do so, the client will seek services elsewhere. The client is in control, and law firms are getting a crash course in affordable and in-demand efficiency. Technology is making it possible to accommodate the needs of existing clients while attracting new clients, all while maintaining its efficiency and protecting the bottom line. IT Managed Services is a solution to which many law firms turn to cut costs, improve efficiency, remain compliant, and to tailor every experience to each individual client’s needs.

The 2014 Law Firms in in Transition Survey revealed concerns and shifts in the current industry. The survey revealed a shift to fewer and smaller rate increases, fewer high-paid partners, more contract work, more changes in staffing, slower profit for partners, and strategic billing changes. All of this must be achieved without impacting negatively the clients, and with greater efficiency. The survey noted that since 2011, more than 90% of firm managers and leaders believe the industry has shifted to the demand for an increase in efficiency in the way firms deliver legal services.

Efforts to increase efficiency and lower prices includes streamlining services, “technology tools to replace human resources, and knowledge management.” IT Managed Services allows law firms to reduce pricing to remain competitive in the industry. A law firm with lower fees attracts more clients; however, the concern for quality service looms. Clients are demanding alternative pricing structures. When a law firm hires IT Managed Services, the opportunity to restructure the IT budget emerges, as in-house IT, ineffective security and software, and certain salaries are eliminated, without compromising the service and security the law firm promises its clients.

IT Managed Services brings with it cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based computing has low upfront costs, it encourages mobility, set-up and personalization is simple, it is an essential element in Business Continuity plans, and remote services ensure the system is compliant, secure, and up-to-date at all times. Cloud services permit users to complete billing online, collaborate remotely, meet with more clients outside the office, and it provides users with any-time access to the firm’s necessary applications. Mobility and fluidity with cloud computing enables employees and partners to do more with less, which trickles down to the client in the form of better in-demand service and lower fees.

Many law firms are turning to Managed Services, such as those offered by IPro Media, to take the IT burden off the office so each member of the team can get to work on office tasks that benefit the client. IT Managed Services enables remote desktop sharing and management, hosts email services and servers, handles security software and firewalls, monitors desktops, networks and servers, backs up servers, effectively manages software and legal programs, and it provides user support 24/7.

The goal of the law firm is efficiency, and when firm employees and partners utilize technology and manage it effectively with Managed Services, both efficiency and productivity surge.

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