Are you and your employees able to do work effectively when you are away from the office? Do you have the network speed to be productive? Do you have adequate safeguards in place to securely access customer and other essential data?

Whether traveling or working from home, you and your employees can rely on mobile computing to stay productive. With the right mobile devices, network speed and network security, you can access the data you need anywhere you are, whenever you need it.

Backoffice Technology Group’s Mobile Computing Services enables your organization to productively use today’s cutting edge technologies, including smartphones and tablets. We are cloud experts – we know how to give you access to important data with the speed and simplicity you need.

Network speed and security

With the promise of global connectivity comes the need for speed on your internal network, along with hardened security requirements. Our Mobile Computing Services are designed to guarantee your ability to service your remote users’ requests for data quickly and securely, preventing unauthorized intrusion attempts. We are experts in Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Networking and Advanced Firewalling techniques.

Branch office support

Remote locations need a continuous, stable and secure network connection. We can set up a Secure VPN, providing an inexpensive, secure and reliable method to connect.

Smartphones and tablets

For the ultimate answer in staying connected, smartphones and tablets are the way to go. There are numerous models, each sporting its own set of features and benefits. Let us show you how to take your connectivity to the next level with true mobility.

Our team is ready to help! Contact Backoffice Technology Group today for a free mobile computing assessment evaluation.