If your business suffered a major loss such as a fire, break-in, water damage or sabotage, would your critical data be safely stored in another location? Are you using offsite data storage services that allow you to quickly get your business up and running again if a disaster occurs?

It’s not enough to have data backup files at your facility. If your office is damaged or destroyed, your data backup files will be gone as well. If you can’t access your business data, your customers’ orders cannot be filled and requests for service will be left unanswered. Your clients and customers will quickly look elsewhere to get the services and goods they need. Backoffice Technology Group’s Data Storage Services can be your solution and give you peace of mind.

Store your data in a secure offsite location

An important component of your business continuity or disaster recovery strategy is backing up and storing your critical data to a secure offsite location. Effective remote data storage will enable you to retrieve your data from any Internet-connected device, should your organization experience a business interruption, catastrophic failure or the inability to access your place of business.

Your data is securely encrypted before it leaves your premises

Backoffice Technology Group’s remote Data Storage Services securely encrypts your data before it leaves your premises, and backs it up automatically to our secure data centers. Our services provide redundancy and protect the lifeblood of your business. When necessary, restoring data files securely over the Internet takes just a few mouse clicks.

Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits our remote Data Storage Services can provide to your organization.

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