“It really is a pleasure doing business with BackOffice Technology Group. Our company’s first experience with BackOffice Technology Group was in 2008 when our company was growing and needed to increase the number of workstations and improve our servers’ functionality. We were looking for a company that would work with our people and keep our systems current. They were able to assist us with the expansion, help establish protocols for remote access, scheduled regular maintenance and software updates, they have assisted with the continued upgrading of our equipment to meet the requirements of our accounting program, and they continue to assist us with all aspects of technology. In the event of an emergency, BackOffice Technology Group has gone out of their way to assist us and resolve the issue in an expedited time frame.
The team at BackOffice Technology Group is professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Our senior engineer, Joe King is extraordinary. Joe consults with our vendors to maintain the stability of our system. Joe King is our first go to. We have been extremely happy with his performance and expertise. However, Jesse Crider the other senior engineer at BackOffice Technology Group is able step in when Joe isn’t available due to the records and cross training between customers/engineers. Their help desk personnel Jessykah, is very good at helping with the little things and she gets things done in a timely manner. Marlene does the accounting. She is always a pleasure to speak to. Tim Wells the President is extremely fair during contract negotiations. Tim truly listens to our concerns and comes up with reasonable compromises.
We highly recommend BackOffice Technology Group to other companies. They are an outstanding technology company.”
Jennifer McFarren, Moresco Distributing

"Back Office Technology Group has done an amazing job in taking care of all of our IT needs, from technical advice and service to prompt onsite visits to troubleshoot problems. Their level of service has exceeded all of my expectations, and our network systems have never been in better shape."
Matthew Torre, PE, 15000 Inc.

“Our company has been using the services of BTG for the last 5 years and we could not perform our day to day tasks without them. Our company has gone through tremendous growth in the last 3 years and BTG has been there every step of the way to help us with business solutions that allows our team to perform at a much greater efficiency level. Their staff is very attentive, extremely knowledgeable and most important very understanding of our business and our day to day needs. From the moment you call and Marlene picks up the phone and you hear “Back Office Technology Group, this is Marlene how may I help you?”, you know you are in very good hands!” If you are a family business like ours or a large corporate operation, BTG is a perfect partner.”
Charlie Fusari, CEO, Myers Restaurant Supply

“Our partnership with Back Office Technology Group provides us the means to effectively manage our technologies without significantly adding to our overhead. Their willingness to go that extra mile for their customers is evident in their customer service, knowledge and efficiency. The response to issues is resolved quickly and can usually be done remotely which saves everyone time. Back Office Technology Group has been a fabulous partner for success!”
Diane Moore, Marketing Manager | Mike Hudson Distributing

“We called Back Office because our regular IT person became ill and was unable to assist us in our hour of need. A friend recommended Back Office, and I was quickly paired up with one of their techs who was able to solve our immediate problem, but also pointed out a few other problems we were also likely having (I never even mentioned them!) and offered a free evaluation of our entire network. It was a very eye opening experience to find out how vulnerable our network was to failure and that we had been paying for backup services that if our server had crashed, were totally insufficient for our needs. Do yourself a favor and have them check out your network, BEFORE its too late. We switched to Back Office and I’m a hero to my boss. 5 stars, they earn it.”
Nexcomm W.

The Back Office Technology Group is the most talented, professional, responsive support service with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. Each and every person in the organization is amazing, not only the senior engineers, but the home office crew as well. Whether the issue involves hardware, software, networks, upgrades, security, a nasty virus or telephones, their expertise quickly resolves the problem, often without even visiting our site. They recently completed a companywide project to move all our computers from the XP-PRO operating system to Windows 7, a complex task accomplished with no drama. It is also important to note the impact of their President, Tim Wells, who routinely invents technologies and solutions to complex problems typically beyond the awareness or experience of other firms. For small businesses to have access to this level of creativity combined with cost effectiveness is a stellar combination.
Since they took over our support two years ago, our operations have run trouble free.
Steve Martin, Controller/GBS Financial Corp.